Invited Talks and Interviews in Press

  1. Keynote speaker at the 7th International Conference on Computer, Control, Informatics, and Its Application (IC3INA), Tangerang, Indonesia, 23 October 2019.
  2. Keynote speaker at 4th Norwegian Big Data Symposium (NOBIDS 2018), Trondheim, Norway, 14 November 2018.
  3. Interview at the program "KulturTon: Studieren, Forschen und Arbeiten in Russland", FREIRAD radio in Tyrol, Austria, on air: 18:30 CET, 24 October 2017.
  4. Invited keynote speaker at Young Scientist's Second International Workshop on Trends in Information Processing (YSIP2), Dombai/Stavropol, Russia, 17 May 2017.
  5. "Towards Semantic APIs for Research Data Services", Metadata e-infrastructures workshop, University of Vienna, Austria, 22 June 2016.
  6. "TourPack project presentation", IMAGINE'16 conference, Innsbruck, Austria, 9 June 2016.
  7. "Research Data Service - Position Statement", RDA Europe Project workshop, Santorini, Greece, 21 April 2016.
  8. Anna Fensel – InformatikerIn der Woche”, interview at Informatik Austria, spring 2016.
  9. TourPack project presentation at Austrian Data Forum 2015, Vienna, Austria, 4 November 2015.
  10. 3 plus 1 Feature #2: Anna Fensel” – interview for SEMANTiCS conference blog, 2015.
  11. Web 3.0 oder: Die Suche nach der Nadel im Heuhaufen", article on TourPack project on Tourism Fast Forward conference blog, 2015.
  12. "Big Data Public Private Partnership“, IKT Trends 2020 – Big Data, Austrian Computer Society, Vienna, Austria, 24 November 2014.
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  16. "Austrian Experience in Building Data Value Chain" (video link), RIA Novosti, Moscow, Russia, aired: 15 July 2013.
  17. Enabling Participation: Semantic Services Design, Deployment, and Valorization”, Informatik-Kolloquium, University of Linz, Austria, 16 May 2013.
  18. Wohnen Sie energieeffizient?“, „Energy goes ICT“: Smart Energy Services Newsletter der GIT Gesellschaft für Informations- und Kommunikationstechnik im OVE, February 2012.
  19. " SESAME-S Project", "Wien Heute", Austrian national TV, Austria, aired: 6 February 2012.
  20. Invited speaker at 2nd Skolkovo Scientific Conference of the Cluster of Energy-efficient Technologies, Moscow, Russia, 28-29 November 2011.
  21. Smart Energy Metering Gets A Semantic Twist“, interview with Anna Fensel, “ – The Voice of Semantic Web Business”, September 2011.
  22. Invited speaker with the talk "SESAME - Sesame SEmantic SmArt Metering: Enablers for Energy Efficiency" at the 4th European Semantic Technology Conference - ESTC 2010, Vienna, Austria, December 2010.
  23.  A presentation at 1st STI International Symposium on Successful Proposal Submission, Mallorca, Spain, 7-8 October 2010.
  24.  " SESAME Project", Serbian national TV (eTV), Belgrade, Serbia, December 2009.
  25. " Software-Baukasten fürs Handy", national newspaper "Der Standard", Austria, in printed edition: 12 August 2009.
  26. A presentation at Perspectives Workshop: Semantic Web Reflections and Future Directions, Dagstuhl seminar, Wadern, Germany, 28 June - 3 July 2009.
  27.  "Semantic Technologies for Mobile Communications: User-generated Policies and Services" at Generalization of spatial information, Dagstuhl seminar, Wadern, Germany, 13-17 April 2009.
  28.  " Policy Aware Web: Mehr Sicherheit in Facebook & Co.", Radio Ö1 - Program "Matrix", Austria, on air: 22:30 CET, 15 March 2009.
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  31. "Mobile Ontology: Semantic Technologies for Telecommunications", University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria, 21 December 2006.
  32. "Mobile Ontology: Semantic Technologies for Telecommunications", a workshop on semantics and ontologies at Alcatel-Lucent, Paris, France, 13 December 2006.
  33. "Mobile Ontology: Semantic Technologies for Telecommunications", Telecommunications forum, Vienna, Austria, 11 December 2006.
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